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Hello dear visitor! Perhaps I will start by trying to answer the most frequently asked question: why is all this needed?

You see, mathematicians are a bit unusual people: they come up with some simple hypothesis, and then for years and even decades they look for its proof or an example that would disprove it.

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find a rigorous proof for some seemingly simple things: take, for example, the Collatz conjecture. And it often happens that it's easier to disprove a certain hypothesis by finding at least one example for which it would be wrong.

In the process of searching for a proof or a disproof, new ways of solving problems and algorithms arise. This way, for example, modern cryptography and data encryption protocols on the Internet arose.

And sometimes this leads to the appearing and development of entire branches of mathematics. For example, attempts to prove Fermat's Last Theorem stimulated the development of algebraic number theory.

In other words, the iLWN project is engaged in research in the field of mathematics, or rather its branch — number theory. The results obtained within the project are unlikely to find any practical application. However, attempts to solve the formulated problems have practical benefits, expressed in the creation of algorithms and methods for the most effective solution of such problems.

In the author's personal opinion, in the modern world, fundamental science, alas, has ceased to be popular. And this project, being a part of it, and doing what is unpopular, supports interest in mathematics and programming. And, perhaps, it will even encourage someone to join the ranks of scientists and engineers who are moving forward scientific and technological progress!

If such an answer seems incomplete or unclear to you, then a little later I will tell in more detail how it all began, how it happened, and why I do all this.

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